BK’s Book Pouch: A Christmas Edition

Yes, I’m a terrible video maker and editor. Yes, I used my webcam because it was easier and I don’t have a tripod for my camera. No, I don’t get paid by Waterstone’s to promote the books they sell. Or any of the authors whose books are featured!

But hopefully you will survive my rambling and I’ve cut out my rant about nativity books, nativity scenes and nativity plays…

Here is me with Eliza, Olaf, Piecrust Bear and the Reindeer with No Name introducing you to my favourite Christmas reads.

BK’s YouTube Picks: Reasons to stay alive

As I’ve mentioned one of the books I’ve been reading is Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. Last week he tweeted a link to the video below. The video has been inspired by Matt’s book and gives encouragement to people battling depression.

BK’s BookPouch: A Boy Called Christmas

So after working for 14 straight days between bagel and bear making (and 2 Girlguiding trips and 3 Girlguiding meetings), on Friday I had a day off. This day was spent sleeping, washing my hair, delivering a Christmas gift box and meeting a fellow bagelista who I hadn’t seen in a while. Reindeer onesie on, Eliza the Elf and I settled down under fairy lights to finish reading the book I’d only gotten a few pages into at work the other weekend.

Matt Haig‘s ‘A Boy Called Christmas‘ came out this year, and tells the story of a Finnish boy called Nikolas. With shades of Roald Dahl grossness in places, but also a sort of stream of consciousness way of narrating the story that made me love Miika the Mouse, Donner the Reindeer and Little Noosh who welcomes Nikolas when he goes searching for his father in Elfhelm. It also has some fun illustrations which add so much to Nikolas’ story drawn by Chris Mould.

Definitely a book that Primary School aged children will love in the lead up to Christmas, and adults too!

Get your copy of A Boy Called Christmas on Hive if you can’t get it from your nearest bookshop!