About Brunette Koala


Once upon a time, there was a young woman who was named ‘The Koala’ by her younger siblings. The animal nicknames have long stuck, and although most people call her by some version of the name on her birth certificate, online she has always been known as BrunetteKoala or ‘BK’.


With a background in Public Health and Community Education, she currently works as a community fundraiser for a healthcare charity. When she’s not working you’ll find her volunteering with Girlguiding (which she writes about on her other blog The Girlguiding Life), listening to BBC 6 Music, watching her favourite shows on Netflix, spiralling into YouTube rabbit holes, using her kitchen worktop as a ballet barre, typing away on her laptop, strumming on her purple ukulele, trying to learn languages, pestering sports journalists to run more stories on gymnastics, updating wikipedia to include more articles on women, in a bookshop trying to not buy anymore books (and failing), hanging out with her friends at the beach, snapping photographs or hauled up in a café with a book & some cake.

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