My Year In Review: 2020

It seems like utter foolishness to do my annual ‘year in review’ post. But should I live more years, I imagine ‘future me’ would be annoyed if I left a year out of my tradition even during a global pandemic.

So here goes…

What, for you, was the high point of 2020? Were there any other highlights?

Moving back to my own home and having my own space. It’s funny actually to look back on what were highlights. Highlights have been doing the first part of the Shakespeare’s Way, a couple of successful events at work (in the midst of lots of lost income due to cancelled events), the day I got to walk in the park with my friends after months of not seeing anyone I knew in person, receiving fun post from friends far away, our Zoom ‘Qually’ night with the Guides, seeing the messages and pictures of my friends’ kids far away enjoying the bedtime stories I did for the 2.6 Challenge, the weekend that I finally got the sofa built, living room curtains hung & pictures on my walls thanks to my wonderful friend who came up to visit just before Aberdeen went back into lockdown.

What, for you, was the low point of 2020?

Losing our wonderful friend Tor when she died of ovarian cancer in May. My friend’s baby being diagnosed with cancer and then not being able to so much as hug my friend or her family or our other friends at the funeral. All the many times this year a loved one (friend or family) has been going through hell and they’ve either not being able to face talking over the phone or all you’ve been able to do is listen to their tears with the knowledge you can’t go physically near them. Oh, and Brexit. That was a fun addition.

Tell me some things you learned this year.

I learned who my friends were. I learned that I have more racist friends than I realised. I learned that small things can make things a little better. I learned that having my own home is key to my mental wellbeing. And I learned that I’d retained way more epidemiology knowledge that I thought from my undergraduate degree.

Who would be your “person of 2020”? It could be someone you know or a famous person who’s inspired you.

Professor Devi Sridhar.

It’s a shame the UK and Scottish Governments didn’t heed her advice and warnings.

What was the best film you saw this year?

I think way back in January I went to see Little Women which I loved. I’m not usually a fan of period dramas, but Greta Gerwig’s retelling I loved, and it led me to discovering more about Louisa May Alcott.

I also really liked Soul.

And what was the worst?

Spinster could have been really good, but just lacked some challenge and storytelling.

What was the best book you read?

It was really fun to do the 26 Bedtime Stories on facebook lives during the spring lockdown. I think The Book with No Pictures and A Bear Called Paddington were the most popular books.

The two best books I read were How Much Is A Girl Worth? by Rachael Denhollander and I Am Not Your Baby Mother by Candice Brathwaite.

What was the best TV show you watched?

It’s a three way tie between Brooklyn Nine Nine, Schitt’s Creek and Ted Lasso.

What, for you, was the sporting highlight of 2020?

I mean it was the Olive and Mabel dog food eating race, right?

It is strange to think how I did not spend the summer glued to the Tokyo Olympics, or stay up late to follow the NCAAs on twitter in April, to watch probably one of the best Senior classes UCLA Gymnastics has ever had complete their college careers.

What was the best album or song you heard in 2020? What song did you play most?

I listened to the Clouds movie soundtrack and Joanna Newsom’s Divers album A LOT.

My most played song was ‘When the Morning Comes’ by Hall & Oates.

What is the podcast you’ve listen to most in 2020?

Zach and Donald kept me company with their ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends‘ podcast for the first few months before Scottish Government allowed single people to form extended households.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

I hope that I will get to hug my friends, I hope to go see In The Heights at the cinema, I hope that I will be climbing Ben Nevis in June, I hope to get to smoosh my friends’ new babies and visit people. I hope to get a passport and be able to travel to visit friends and family in other parts of Europe.

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