The one when I’m stuck in a train traffic jam…


For the last few days I’ve been in the lovely shire of England. Firstly in London for a team away day and then more induction stuff, then when the weekend came I headed West to see my lovely friends and my even cuter godson. (Sorry friends, but I think you would agree he is cuter than both of you 😉 ).

Due to my godson’s decision to sleep in, I missed seeing my friend in vicar action. I ended up getting a taxi to station which meant I caught an earlier train to London. London was bright with sunshine, the tube was chilled compared to Friday evening and had time to walk along the Euston Road to the Pret I know has hot food (the one at Kings Cross Station does not). I got extra snacks for the train after eating my favourite macaroni kale and cauliflower cheese before sitting in the garden of the British Library knowing I’d be stuck on a train for the next 4.5 hours.

Well. What I thought would be 4.5 hours.

As we reached our first stop of York – which is almost halfway to Edinburgh, our train came to a stop outside of Doncaster. We sat for a few minutes, before the tannoy came on with one of those announcements that makes the entire carriage silent. The “um…we are not sure how long we are going to be, I’ll let you know when I get more info” is never a good sign. An even WORSE sign is when 5 minutes after that the driver announces there are 5 trains stuck in front of ours, we are getting free wifi, and instructions on how to claim back the money on your ticket because we will most certainly be delayed for “over 30 minutes”. Do you notice the lack of maximum delay time he gave us.

So we have now been here ‘outside’ Doncaster for closing in on 2 hours.

This might be God’s way of telling me off for travelling home on a Sunday or not doing a good enough job with my godmother duties to ensure that my godson’s sleep pattern means he wakes up in time to go to church.

STOP PRESS: The train driver has just announced. We have now been delayed for 2 hours. Meanwhile, my iPod has just started playing Caledonia. Caledonia, you are calling me, and I am trying to get home…

Right. I’m off to read some books. This may be the only perk of a non-moving train…I can read without feeling icky!


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