The one where I catch you up…

Long time, no blog!

I thought before I headed to London once more, I should probably check in and let you all know (if anyone ever comes here anymore) to let you know I am indeed alive and well.

Not starting both jobs turned out to be a blessing in disguise. There was so much to do before Surf Camp (and I didn’t get it all done). But also some old friends from university were in my neck of the woods for a family holiday. So we went to the Zoo with their two kids, and it was lovely. We got rained on, then the sun came out. The pandas hid from us, but the tigers were out! We also saw lots of penguins including the now toddler penguin chicks. Their five year old daughter helped me choose a keyring for my car key…


Surf Camp this year felt very different to previous years. There were new challenges, and it was unnerving to be leading worship for the week. Especially without people I knew and had led with before. I have been very happy to be the background of the band for many years and have never really gotten over an incident that made me totally lose confidence in leading from more than 10 years ago. And I think that insecurity came through and just ugggghhhhhhh. I hate looking back and thinking what a terrible job I did. One thing I did feel God challenging me on was giving space for Him to speak. My poor friend doing DTP joked by the end of the week that there was no point in me giving him a ‘setlist’ because I’d probably not do what I’d planned. He said it with a smile and I had to laugh too, as it was true so often. I am trying to make sure that things are easier for whoever does the job next year! It was lovely to be a group leader again, and had a lovely bunch of girls. I was also fully appreciative of there being more first aiders willing to answer the call this year too. We had the usual grazes, cuts, bruises and sprains along with a trip to A&E.


Within a couple of days of returning, I started my job with the youth project. My first week ended with a visit from the local police after a youth drop in. It sounds weird but it’s really nice to be back in a place where you know you are needed and have a purpose!  All the young people I’ve met are lovely and some are very lively, filling me on the ins and outs of the local area where the project is based. Some young girls in the area gave me their suggestions for a name for our young women’s service and that discussion will continue over the coming month as I get to know the community.


While I was at surf camp, my Mum had a special birthday. Luckily I wasn’t the only reason she had to wait to celebrate….our next door neighbour had an even more special birthday turning 100 and receiving a card and telegram from H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth! The weekend after I got back, I had booked my Mum into a spa in Edinburgh for a fancy manicure before going out that evening with her sister and female friends who lived close enough to come for a meal. A waiter recognised her from her previous visits and as we finished came with 2 bottles of prosecco, which did make her a little bit tipsy (nothing bad, just a bit giggly). She told me I had to wear my ‘interview dress’, which I did and this was her at the end of the night making sure her manicured nails featured in the photo with me! Love you Mamma Bear! I made her drink water and take some paracetamol before she went to bed, and there were no after prosecco effects the next morning. Yippee!


The other thing I’m trying to do more is exercise. A friend from my new church who lives close by has a similar goal, with both of us having been spending too much time sitting on our bums over the last year. Having a car again and having less financial constraints makes this so much each easier, as we can make it fun! We have been for a walk, another friend convinced me to take a sunset surfing lesson (and drive her down to Dunbar so she could too!) and I’m hoping that once I get into a routine with both jobs that I can do some dance classes again. I’m sad that going back to ballet classes with my favourite teacher isn’t an option as they only run on Friday evenings when I’ll be working at the youth project but I have discovered some adult drop-in ballet and jazz classes in a few places…so fingers crossed! The hardest part is constantly fighting fatigue…if I get too tired I often don’t have energy to cook (which makes things worse of course) and then exercise will more than likely go out the window too! Having people to do it with definitely helps give me motivation as I hate letting people down if I’ve said I’m going to do something.

So there we go! That’s you all caught up on the life of Brunette Koala. I’d almost caught up on my reading challenge for the year, but I’m behind again. If it doesn’t make me feel too sick I’m going to take a couple of books to read on the train down to London. I’m super excited that this trip will end not with a train to Edinburgh after work on Friday but a detour to visit my lovely friend Nicola, her husband and their gorgeous squish of a son (my youngest godson) before returning to rainy Scotland.

How has your summer been? I’d love to hear all about them!



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