The one where I don’t look like I’m 7…

So I’ve now lived on the earth longer than Jesus did. The night before my birthday my friends invited me round for tea, and they surprised me with a yummy dairy free chocolate cake that had been beautifully decorated by their eldest daughter. They brought it through with 7 candles in it, and their 5 year old son asked me “Laurie, are you really only 7? Because you look like a grown up“.


If only he had seen me the next day. I was made to dress up like a medieval princess. I was annoyed at the boys had to be knights, girls had be princesses. So they gave me and Miss S swords too. We are more Merida than Aurora. And it did lead to this photo being taken of me, which according to Holly (and I quote directly from Vicky’s facebook page here) “is the most Laurie picture ever!!!!”


Hoodie, dressed up as a Princess and taking photos of things. Oh, and wearing a Newt Scamander scarf. OK. Holly and Vicky have a point. Kudos Vicky! If you are wondering where my sword is, my Mum had borrowed it so she could have a fight with Sir Kahuna the Knight.

Oh, and how did I celebrate? Well, after munching on cake the night before, my Mum and I travelled to Alnwick to meet up  with my lovely friends Vicky and her two kids (Miss S and Mini K). We wandered around Alnwick Castle, where we learned to fly broomsticks (because it’s where Harry Potter learned to fly)

IMG_1902 And we ended the day in a bookshop I’ve wanted to visit for a long, long time. Barter Books is a large secondhand bookshop inside what used to be Alnwick train station. Weirdly I stumbled across a copy of the book I’m named after. I’ve never, ever seen a copy of Laura’s Summer Ballet anywhere but my Nana’s bookshelf (ok, on my bookshelf but it’s the same copy!) so my Mum and I were shocked to find it there.


I mean, I really hope there’s a room in heaven like this. Actually, there’s a room in Alnwick Castle that is floor to ceiling bookshelves (not too dissimilar to the Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast). It had a foozball table, open fire, a supply of gin and these incredible looking furry beanbag chairs. It really is the dream…

For sure my birthday this year was a vast improvement on the previous two which were pretty miserable birthdays. I do not feel any more grown up but am very much appreciative of every friend and family member who made me feel like my presence here on earth is something to be celebrated. Good to know nobody wishes I’d just die already!


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