The one where I fall up a hill…

So I’ve been quieter than usual this week, as last weekend I left work with some mild toothache. By evening I was going out of my mind digging through my bathroom cupboard for paracetamol and bonjela! Monday morning I was feeling hideous and trying to find a dentist because I was now willing to use any remaining savings to pay for a dentist to pull all my teeth out, and spent the day at work trying to avoid customers so I didn’t have to talk and tidying the stock room with my cloud snood wrapped around my jaw and face while popping painkillers as often as is medically allowed.

Suffice to say, I’ve not slept much this week, I’m now on antibiotics and next week the dentist will hopefully be able to see my teeth to give me the news of what 6 years living in a city with no dentists, 8 years of not being able to afford a dentist and a sugar addiction is going to cost me…!

Last night I went out the house for the first time in days for a meeting, and today it was so lovely that I decided to get a bus up to one of my favourite Edinburgh spots with my camera. I’m still working how to use it and did a lot more photos manually focusing the lens. And I used my long lens for the first time. I planned only to spend time in the walled garden, but ended up walking further up and then around and over the hill to take more pictures. What I didn’t realise is that it had snowed up there a day or so ago, and there were parts on the North side that had not melted and compacted making for an icy climb up to the Rest and Be Thankful spot to get a view of Leith, Fife and the City Centre. And yes I fell. A dog heard me slip and land and came around the main path I was trying to get up to and over to my slidier path to find me and saw me doing my best Bambi on ice impression – while trying to save my camera from any impact and just looked at me with a look of worry/pity. His/her eyes said “Oh. You seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Oh dear…” as I kept sliding back onto my derriere and back down the slope every time I tried to get back up.


Anyway, here’s a few pictures…tried manual focus, new lens and different modes and exposures (that’s the ISO thing, right?)

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