The one where I tell you about the first dream I had in 2017…

Yesterday I went to the City Art Centre for a wander with my lovely friend Beth (yes, same Beth of twisty tree and wedding road trip fame). We were recounting some strange dreams we had last night when I suddenly remembered the bizarre dream I had on New Year’s morning. As I described the bizarre events of my slumbering brain, one of the art centre staff who was sitting in the gallery piped up “Does this involve an exorcism?!” started laughing told me I had to write this dream down and how hearing about it had cheered up his day.

Well Mr City Art Centre man, I’m glad my crazy brain could be of service. ha ha!

Here’s what happened.

I was staying in a beach resort for hogmanay, when suddenly I realised that I had left my camera at home. It was a beautiful day and I wanted it for our walks – it was summer and yet there was also snow. After breakfast I decided to drive home to get my camera…

I reach home and find alarm going off in the house. My Mum is surprised to see me back and I’m yelling to her – “the alarm’s going off! It must be the Christmas tree lights!” As I enter the house, the room with the Christmas tree is giving off some hazy fumes. I see in the room next to it, magpies are jumping in through a high up window and they are hopping about the carpet. My Mum and I realise that the fumes from the Christmas tree (caused by the lights! the lights!) are possibly about to cause the house to explode. The magpies also suggest this about to happen. So we run out the house and into the street.

I pause. I assess the situation (it was only the start of the magpies coming in) and decide I have enough time to go back into the house to rescue my camera, laptop and phone before the potential explosion.

When I come back down with said items, the room with the magpies has now filled up with all sorts of birds. I think most of them have come from the local zoo, and there are still a few flying up and climbing through the window. At the head of the group nearest the door to the room are a few small grey and white fluffy penguins wearing woolly hats.

They follow me out the house – a bird procession running from the Christmas tree which seems to have stopped giving off fumes, so we don’t know if crisis has been averted for now. An explosion seems a little less likely, but the alarm and general kerfuffle has caused the neighbours to all come out their front doors and into the street – one is comforting my Mum as the penguins and the rest of the birds follow me down the street….and everyone starts singing ‘Kiss Today Goodbye’ (What I Did For Love) from A Chorus Line as this parade of birds waddles down the snowy pavement in the sunshine.

And then I woke up.

The first thought I had was “What the heck?!” and my second thought was “How the heck did the penguins get through the high up window….penguins can’t fly?“.

So there you have it blog friends. An insight to why I struggle to get back to sleep when I wake up…this is what my brain gets up to at night!!


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