Blogmas Day 21 – the one where I’m a godmother again…

Hi folks,

So I haven’t checked my e-mail in days, and a few comments on my last post were awaiting approval from me. Sorry blog friends!

Since I last wrote, my body had one of its hissy fits where it likes to reject all food – nothing like that in the lead up to Christmas and before a long train journey.

Why the long train journey? Well, I got to finally meet my friend’s baby boy. He’s 3 months old now, and I had the privilege of becoming one of his godparents this weekend. My friends kindly hosted me in their home for a long weekend – this was partly so I could get cheaper train tickets, and also because I wanted to be around to lend a hand the day before the baptism/Christening. And it enabled me to get to know my lovely new godson too. I learned that he reserves smiles for few people, loves to watch The Big Bang Theory, is already showing signs that he likes his independence and enjoys being read to. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Hippos Go Beserk were hits. He was not happy about a story from The Lady and The Tramp. He also didn’t complain too much on my renditions of Soft Kitty, Smelly Cat and The Cow in the Meadow Goes Moo. He also likes to eat his hand and my pyjama top. (Note to self: next time you visit L-A, don’t wear a black pyjama top as it is the worst colour for showing up milk stains!)


One thing that really struck me was the church community my friends are part of, and how much they already love my godson. I have attended many dedications, baptisms and dedications in my time, but this one felt like such an authentic,joyful and meaningful celebration to welcome this child into the family of God. I also loved hearing about how this church really and truly welcomes everyone. That’s important to me when only a couple of weeks ago someone I know turned to me and said they couldn’t go to church because “Jesus hates me”. There were lots of rituals that were unfamiliar to me but it really wasn’t important. No one frowned at me for not knowing, they prompted me when I needed to say things. They let me take pictures and video so we could remember this important occasion. The robed people carrying candles so clearly doted on my friends’ son, smiling as he looked around trying to take in what was going on. No one grumped when the baby Jesus (yes, we had a nativity during the same service – my friends were Mary and Joseph!) cried and had to go behind the scenes for some milky sustenance. They showered him with meaningful gifts from everyone in the church. They allowed us to decorate a room for a small after baptism party for my friends’ family and other friends. It was such a refreshing change!


It was also strange to go through London and be literally passing through in the space of an hour. I had a little time in Kings Cross on the way home, and was very excited that despite my fruitless searches on websites last month they DO have Newt Scamander’s hufflepuff scarf in the Platform 9 3/4 shop. Said scarf was purchased and it has now been sent up to Santa for delivery on Christmas Day.

My daily mini-vlogs continue on instagram. We’ve had dancing Christmas puddings, bible readings, live party preparation coverage and tonight’s was a special one in remembrance of our previous Airmail Christmas honourees. It’s hard to believe it will be Christmas in a few days. Work is getting busier, everyone is getting more exhausted and customers seem to be getting more grouchy no matter how much we try to be kind and helpful. Ahh….Christmas!

I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to January and having a couple days off just to ‘be’.

Until then….I’m sleeping under fairy lights and enjoying a daily dose of chocolate. 🙂


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