Blogmas Day 11: The one about the dancing Christmas tree…

So last night, my friends unpacked and put up their Christmas decorations. Along with the gorgeous decorations they amazingly include a gift I gave them one Christmas. And so on their instagram they posted a picture of said gift.

4 years ago my Mum took a trip to see her best friend in Oklahoma. On the way home, she was wearing a new pair of boots (trips to Oklahoma always involve shopping at those American shopping malls) and the floor in Chicago airport was very slippy. She fell – the result was a sprained ankle and a broken shoulder. It was lucky that I was the manager of a pregnancy centre at the time, so I was able to plan my hours around her numerous hospital, doctor and physio appointments that were in opposite ends of the city. Sometimes there was no point in going home between them, so we found ourselves in this Discount Store in a retail park near one of the hospitals quite a lot. It was coming up to Christmas so there were a lot of cheesy Christmas toys. The Christmas Tree amused us greatly, and then one day I decided to buy it to give to my friends as a joke present.

Rockin’ Christmas Tree from Brunette Koala on Vimeo.

I wrapped it up and got them to open it one night before Christmas. I won’t lie, my friend Brian’s face was EXACTLY what I’d hoped for (utter horror). Their son, who was a toddler at the time immediately took it and for some reason put it on top of their bin and continued to press the button to make it dance.

Two years later, the tree lived on…and I got the message that the tree had to accompany all bathtimes to provide it’s cabaret entertainment.

Three years later they moved down the coast to a new house. I was for sure they’d pay the removal men to kick it off the back of the moving truck. But nope. Not even when they got their dog, did they let that tree get destroyed.

And so the tree lives on.

If there’s anyone to blame for it, it’s really Chicago airport. If they’d only put a wet floor sign down we would never have been in that shop every week in the first place.

Today in honour of the dancing Christmas tree, I found it’s cousin. The spinning Christmas Pudding…

Day 11 – the cousin of the dancing tree. 🎄😂

A video posted by Laurie Mackay (@brunettekoala) on Dec 11, 2016 at 5:20am PST


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