Blogmas Day 9: The one where I send my airmail Christmas card…

So Rebecca text me during the week (one of those times where I see someone has sent me a text on my way to/while I’m at work and then totally forget to respond in any way) asking if I’d write about how we can use our Christmas Cards to raise awareness.

Every year, I’ve always used the back of the envelope to write messages that can be seen by people who handle the card. I figure that several postal workers at least are going to see it while it is in transit.


Also, on the inside of the card, I’ve written about why organ donation is important to me. I think Rebecca suggested doing this on her original post about this year’s Airmail Christmas.


It’s also a tradition that we post pictures of the cards we send/receive on social media (obviously making sure not to share contact information in the process – such as the addresses on the envelopes). You can see last year’s card pictures on the Gallery page. As pictures start to get e-mailed in or popping up on social media I will add them to the page.

Hopefully you’ve already begun to post your cards (I’ll confess I never got to the post office today, so I’m going to have to hope I get a chance on my way to work on Monday).

Please do post pictures using the hashtag #airmailchristmas so I can find them!

Thanks everyone!


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