Blogmas Day 5 – the one where Elsa came…

I got a camera on the week of Black Friday. I’m loving having it, but my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. I have a lot of random photos as I try to work out all the settings and how to work this new fancy piece of equipment! On Monday, I noticed my friend had posted a picture of a foggy frosty Edinburgh on instagram. I was like “ugh” and stayed in bed a little longer because I didn’t want to face the weather.

(This could go under the category of #BritishProblems).

However, when I went downstairs to get breakfast, I saw that although it was frosty and there was a very weird mist covering my view of the city…there was also sun breaking through the mist. Making the world look very awesome indeed. Being the sane person I am I abandoned all thought of breakfast (and I confess, showering) as I ran to get my camera…and proceeded to hang out the window trying to get pictures of the foggy city, frosty trees and roofs. Followed by running around the back garden in my pyjamas, reindeer slippers and dressing gown (it was below freezing) trying different settings while I attempted to capture the frost growing on the leaves of hedges and plants and grass. It’s been a busy few days so only had chance to upload photos tonight…

This did made me run late for work, but fortunately managed to catch a bus by running to a different bus stop and got into work with a couple of minutes to spare….PHEW!


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