The one where I confess…

…that I’ve not recorded the book pouch post.

I know, I know, I know! But Airmail Christmas was the priority this week. 

Have you signed up yet?

Truth is, I planned on doing it on Wednesday between work and taking the Senior Section group on a ice skating trip…only plans got changed. I planned to take advantage of a sale on Friday morning on my way to work as I was starting an hour later.

At the weekend, someone came into my workplace with a kid who had been sick that morning. Of course rather than keep them quarantined for 48 hours…let’s bring them to us for a treat! Bottom line, every day this week I’ve been the only well worker  with people either looking green because they felt sick  or totally congested with the cold. And so just in case I had to come in earlier on Friday, I decided that on my way home from work on Wednesday I would go to buy the camera as the shop’s sale had started early.

I somehow got myself conned into upgrading Phoebe Phone. I’m always being told that my phones belong in museums along with exclamations of “How do you cope without 4G?!!!” ; “Wow your phone is TINY, how do you cope with such a small screen?!” and the guys in the shop catching sight of my phone “That phone should be in a museum!” somehow by upgrading my phone I got a £50 giftcard to use on my camera. However, on the way to go ice skating my SIM card stopped working properly in Phoebe the 1st, which meant that I had to get Phoebe the 2nd working after I came home as I knew I would likely need it on the way to work this morning (and I was right. I did!)

It took 3 hours.

And I was in work for a loooonnnnngggg time today. Kinda sleep deprived.

So that is why, instead of a video of me flashing my favourite books, I’m sitting wearing pyjama bottoms I planned to dump in my laundry basket and my favourite band t-shirt, fashioning some unruly unwashed hair. Typing this blog post. Soon I’m going to set my alarm, and pull blankets over me and hopefully fall asleep.

And no. I don’t care that I’ve not bothered to wash my hair tonight nor located freshly laundered pyjamas.

Tonight blog friends, I’m going to be a skanky koala. I promise tomorrow I’ll be clean and fresh one. And if I get home from work at a decent hour, I may even manage to fit in a post featuring my favourite Christmas books.

It’s on the to-do list.

And after I’ve done that I’ll try and work out how to work my new fancy camera. 🙂


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