The one where I have a pyjama hiatus…

I’ve been blogging less, and I really am missing it. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve wanted to sit and write but I’ve been too tired to cobble a sentence together. One morning this week I was totally in the zone, then realised I would have to leave to get to work.

Part of it is for a reason I’m so so thankful for: I’m finally getting more hours of PAID work. For the first time in more than two years, I got a wage that is almost enough to live on! The flip side is – I’ve less time for seeing friends, babysitting, writing and studying. I’m working 4-5 days a week in my paid job, and on top of that volunteering to keep my skills up in CLD and trying to fill out job applications.

I have a few hopes that I want to try and make time for too. And I’m trying my best to steward my finances well though there is a temptation to run out and spend money on all the things I’ve wanted to be able to buy. Some of these things I hope to save up for, but man some of this is so materialistic.

Hairdryer (with diffuser)
DSLR Camera
A concert electro-acoustic ukulele
Speakers (so I can listen to my vinyl – my poor turntable is collecting dust)
New Glasses
Tickets to see Hamilton
Train tickets to Birmingham
Train tickets to Newcastle
Train tickets to London
Train tickets to Preston
A car
Non holey, fitting clothes (actually I hate clothes shopping, this is more out of a maybe I’d get a job if I look less scruffy)
A massage
A haircut
Books. So. many. books.
A holiday. I dream of going somewhere for a few days to go for walks, take pictures, read and write.
Make up

Yep. It’s ridiculous. There’s people literally starving and homeless and I’m wishing to buy a tube of mascara that my skin won’t react to!

Actually what I’m most loving is being able to start my Christmas shopping, as I love buying gifts for friends. We won’t go into wrapping them.

But I think I have to admit that for the moment, this side of Christmas the blogs are going to be not so consistent, not so regular, not so deep or thoughtful because I want to earn as much as I can so that hopefully in the new year I’ll have a bit more freedom to do the things I really want to do and haven’t been able to (like see friends who don’t live in Edinburgh) and work on a couple of new things that are writing/blogging related. I may write, but save the posts to publish in the new year – like the Quote of the Week posts which usually require more time and thought to ponder on!

Plus, it’s been a while since I FINISHED a book. I have however, started more!! (Yes, it might be a sickness).

And so I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m conscious that a lot of people are getting sick, the road to Christmas is a marathon at a sprinting pace so when I’m not working, I’m likely to be at home wearing my pyjamas and sipping on lemon and ginger tea. My instagram is very dull because quite honestly life right now consists of working and youth working and guiding and watching Netflix tucked up in blankets. I’m actually going to the cinema tomorrow and this is a BIG DEAL – because non work social interaction is um…well…it’s become rare. Life is dull and not worth sharing too much so I need to get through it, and hopefully have a life to live that is not just survival at the end of the crummy part.

While I’m spending my time out of work in my pyjamas rather than travelling around please bear with me. With any luck, 2017 may bring back a life worth blogging about! 🙂


One thought on “The one where I have a pyjama hiatus…

  1. gracepaige says:

    I love your list of things to save for, especially the travel ones…seeing friends is definitely good for the soul! Hope you manage to do lots of the things on your list next year xx


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