The one where I encourage you to find joy in the little things…

There have been a lot of tears this week. And I’ve had to remind myself that also this week my friend announced a pregnancy, another friend gave birth to twins, and I was asked to be a godmother. And they are wonderful, wonderful things. My Guides made me giggle with their holiday pitches to planets in the Solar System and why THEIRS is the planet to visit (Not only does Saturn have many rings around it, but also has some of the best restaurants with every orange food and drink you can imagine). And I found out just how competitive some of the Senior Section are when they created a game of Harry Potter themed pictionary.

So as well as tracking down car hire deposits, fighting with electricity companies tenants signed me up for by way of lying (cheers for that) and just another week of being kicked down just as you think things are getting better…there have been little things.

The meeting I had with two guys about creating a website and chatting about community building. The ‘alien’ we came across in my old hometown caused by someone spilling paint on the abandoned road. The fact that I got some fresh bread in my supermarket delivery after work on Tuesday night which meant I was able to have lovely thickly cut warm buttery toast on Wednesday morning. Getting thanks from teachers and parents and grandparents at my workplace. I got to meet my friend’s baby girl for the first time and got in some baby snuggles (and yes, said baby tried to eat my clothes). I discovered a girl in my church I hadn’t met before is doing my postgrad course, and I was able to lend her my old textbooks.


There’s little scraps of joy in amongst the many hours of crappiness. And I’m holding on to them.



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