The one where I admit I am one of those people you were warned about…

Hi from the koala tree!

This koala is still a little sleepy, and is now working 5 days a week, plus two evenings with Girlguiding and a few hours with Positive Transitions. There’s also been lots of exciting things like Gavin and Joy getting married, and then a certain blogger getting a VERY exciting phone call which means she’s currently in hospital but for the BEST of reasons, and then last night I got an exciting phone call myself as I’ve been asked to be a godmother to an amazing much prayed for little man.

But the main reason for my quick post is because I was having some major giggles on the bus back from a meeting today, reading this post by Mark. Two days after I came out of work to 17 tweets from an anonymous tweeter who was accusing me of being “a liberal elite, pro choice, Hillary Clinton supporter, hypocrite and encourager of sexual assault (amongst other things…I lost track and I eventually used the power of my block button).

This post amused me because

1. I’m pretty much a vegetarian

2. Despite being both a left wing person, vegetarian…and NOT EVEN AMERICAN (never mind not Southern!), Mark and his family allowed me to honour his daughter through Airmail Christmas and by sending me Smiley for Kylie stuff to wear during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

3. Starting up a conversation in a café with a total stranger is totally something I would do. And have done.

Basically, I’m exactly the kind of person Mark’s friends warned him and his wife about finding on the West Coast of the USA. Except I’m in cold, grey rainy Scotland! ha ha!

But mostly, I love the important message that Mark is trying to get across in a really non threatening and hilarious way that I would never be able to achieve.

And to address the anonymous twitterer – For the record, I’m not a Hillary fan (I was all about Bernie, and moped that he couldn’t be our Prime Minister), but it would be true to say that I think that she is capable of doing the job of president where as the Republican and Libertarian candidates are not. I don’t agree with some of the things she’s done in her past. However she does have some policies that I would stand with her on, and I couldn’t say the same for Donald. And I don’t know if Gary has any policies as he didn’t seem to know any world leaders and I’m not sure blowing a long raspberry counts as a policy statement. If Samantha Cameron runs for Prime Minister of the UK in the future then I won’t be judging her based on how much I despised her husband’s acts as Prime Minister from 2010-2016. And I’m a fan of Caroline Lucas, but trust me if it came out that she’d said “Oh, I can grab a man’s **** whenever I like because I’m the leader of the Green Party” I’d take issue with that as much as I have at a certain presidential candidate saying something similar – I wasn’t surprised that video came out, it’s not exactly news that he says and believes heinous things. Ugh. And USA, I’m sorry he’s been dragging my least favourite British politician over to ‘advise’ him on his campaign. You should know however that his adviser has caused our country’s economy to go pretty much down the toilet, increased hate crime (of all kinds) to increase by over 100% in the UK and people who believed his campaign which was mostly based on twisted truths, made up promises with no research and blatant lies are now scratching their heads and wondering what the heck has just happened. And you just had 8 years of a president people told me was the anti-christ, who has treated people with respect and not had a personal life scandal before or while in office. I think that shows some good ‘family values’…or am I completely missing what the meaning of that strange (to me) phrase means?

Hoping the best for you (and in turn, the rest of the world because who you vote for affects all of us over the next 4 years) next month on election day USA! 🙂


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