The one where it’s my weekend…

…and after 36 hours of migraine (ick) I feeling a lot more human today! Actually, over the last few days, I’ve begun to feel less fatigued and tired after weeks of feeling rubbish. And today I’ve taken advantage of that by cooking vegetarian bolognese for the first time  (success, it tasted yummy) and a toffee pear crumble (a fail, it’s waaaayyy too sugary). And started to wash through the box of winter clothes (they smell of plastic box, and I’m loving the 20 min quick wash option on the new washing machine), I have clean sheets on the bed and towels and blankets have been washed.

I’m hugely grateful that I’m feeling better as the next week is going to be pretty full on. A long day at work followed by picking up a hire car and driving through the night with two women so we can watch our friend get married on Saturday. And then youth work and paid work…

Tomorrow will be the last day of childhood cancer awareness month too. I’ll miss the yellow, but now that the weather has turned I’m happy to exchange the gold shoes for my boots and my yellow summer tops for long sleeves! But the Smiley for Kylie bracelet is staying on for a long time to come.

And I hope that I’ll be feeling ok for ages so I can get back to regularly blogging something a bit more thought provoking than me whinging! 🙂




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