The one where I confess to ideas I haven’t written…

It’s a shock when I suddenly start getting notifications about comments on posts…I forget that I’ve scheduled different ‘Flashback Fridays’!

Life goes on, with continued rejection, continued issues with the flat, continued fatigue and today a little bit of grumpiness because when I don’t have proper meals, I get grouchy. Or I just start crying for no reason. Because apparently I’m a toddler.


I’m thinking a lot right now. About what I want to do, why all the doors I try keep getting slammed in my face (or closed politely) and ways to keep myself sane.

All while I wear gold and yellow.

Although I haven’t been writing much on my blog – I’m finding the fatigue is getting in the way of writing…too many evenings or mornings, I’ve sat staring at my laptop. I have found new quotes and written them out with my rainbow of sharpie markers. I have got the latest book from Our Shared Shelf to read. And another which means I likely will not be socialising (or eating well) at all next week in the lead up to pay day (and wedding weekend). There are things happening in my  brain, they just aren’t really getting out of my brain and being articulated via my keyboard.

There’s so much I’d have liked to have done, but haven’t managed. My working pattern sucks too and isn’t going to make it any easier!

For now, all I can leave you with is my ukulele playing minion – nightguard of my Smiley for Kylie bracelet, gold hair tie and russian wedding ring (AKA the only gold jewellery I could locate) and hope that some day soon, I’ll manage to write something a little more interesting. And new.




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