The one where I get asked if I’m a hippy…

…well, I’ve been accused of it many times before. But clearly the yellow is already a conversation starter which is what I was hoping for! As mentioned in my previous post, I’m spending a month trying ensure I’m always wearing something that is yellow or gold to raise awareness about the need for more funding and more research into childhood cancer.

I’m also going to be donating 10% of what I spend in the supermarket to Love Oliver so that they can give supermarket gift cards to families spending time in children’s cancer wards. It’s just one of the many fantastic things Love Oliver do. If you’d like to do the same the link to the page Andy & Jennifer’s friend has set up is here.

If you are in a different location from me, and you know of a charity doing similar work that people can do the supermarket gift card thing – let me know as I’ll be happy to add links to those charities as well. Most children’s cancer charities are small, and often are set up by families who have been affected by this awful disease and horrific treatments for it.

Let’s kick cancer’s butt, but most importantly show the families who have been most affected by childhood cancer that we haven’t forgotten their sons/daughters/cousins/nieces/nephews/sisters/brothers, and that we are behind them ready to give all the support we can.


2 thoughts on “The one where I get asked if I’m a hippy…

    • BrunetteKoala says:

      Yay! Yesterday I went into a mall and the city centre…it took visits to 15-20 shops to get those 2 tops, the cardigan (which is too small for me!) and the gold belt. Most shops had no yellow or gold at all, and I had been keeping an eye out for stuff over the summer…but I think the problem is the lack of summer weather in Scotland so shops don’t have sunshiney colours!


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