The one where I go a bit yellow and gold…

Last September, I ripped my feet to shreds wearing this pair of gold shoes. Not only were my feet cut and blistered, but they were also very, very cold because I’m a reptile.  I think there’s only about 2 days out of the entire year in Scotland where I can wear shoes without a pair of socks and and not come home and immediately put a on pair of fleece socks, fluffy slippers and dive under at least 4 blankets. At once. However, this was the only item of gold/yellow that I owned that I could wear all month.IMG_7330

This year I’m having to rethink because work insist our shoes have to be black or white. So I’m trying to find ways to wear gold and yellow that get around their obnoxious uniform rules where everyone has to look conservative and quite frankly…dull and boring!

The reason for trying to do this in September? Well, September is childhood cancer awareness month. And if I can get in all the yellow and gold I can before the world turns pink breast cancer (which has had SOOO much funding and research and new treatments, and rightfully so) then I’ll be a happier woman. As you know Rebecca’s blog friend, Patrice lost her sister to Ewing’s Sarcoma a few years ago, before that my university friend and his wife lost their firstborn child, Oliver to a malignant rhabdoid tumour.  Patrice’s family “introduced” us to Kylie who was our 2015 Airmail Christmas honouree. Kylie also died of Ewing’s Sarcoma. At the moment as well, a member of the UK guiding family is going through experimental treatment for a type of childhood cancer that has no known curative treatments known as DIPG. Keira is a Brownie, and is astounding doctors with the progress she is making after the treatments. Doctors predicted the tumours would kill her before she got the chance to become a Brownie, but the treatments she has been given have caused a host of other challenges for her little body.

To me, it’s not enough to say that childhood cancer is ‘rare’. Or that a 5 year survival rate counts when we are talking about children. You know what really bugs me? It’s often deemed as not being ‘cancer’ that is cause of death, quite often it other things that cancer causes or the treatment causes. I still remember the amount of times I’ve read that someone’s kid is ‘fighting the treatment that is fighting the cancer’.

Tomorrow I’ll be going on a hunt after work for some yellow and gold items I can wear throughout September – thanks to friends who have given suggestions!

To all my friends in USA – good luck with CureFest. I think there’s been progress made with healthcare in this last administration, but I really hope that 4% is increased.

To friends in the UK – there are so many small charities like Love Oliver and the Katy Holmes Trust – they provide pretty much the only funding for “rare” childhood cancers like DIPG, rhab, Neuroblastoma and so on.

Let’s work towards better and safer treatments for kids who have cancer invading their bodies.

And feel free to join me in wearing yellow and gold throughout September!!


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