BK’s YouTube Picks: We’re The Superhumans

The news continues to get worse…Nice…Turkey. Ugh.

But before I head for camp, I wanted to share the trailer for the Rio Paralympics that has been released in the UK by the channel that broadcasts the games for us, Channel 4. I feel lucky that I grew up around people with “disabilities” and actually they were just as, if not more so, as able as me. I grew up watching the paralympics alongside the Olympics – I remember routing for Natalie du Toit at the Sydney games – I think she was the first to swim in Olympics and Paralympics. I didn’t care that she was South African! I know the names of as many Paralympians as I do Olympians. But I realised in 2012, that my friends in other countries don’t get the same coverage of the Paralympics as we’ve had in the UK.

So…for my friends in other countries who maybe don’t get to see what we see, I hope you like this. And I encourage you to hassle your TV broadcasters to give you coverage so that kids grow up knowing that they can.

We’re The Superhumans

By the way – if you go to YouTube, you’ll get the video with sign interpretation and audio description as well. And you’ll find videos that tell you about the amazingly talented people featured in the trailer – who come not just from the UK but all around the world.


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