The one where music & brownies remind me to keep trying…


Nope, things are not improving. And I’m beginning to wonder if there is some kind of media conspiracy and that the political news is actually just a very sick joke? As a feminist you’d think I’d be happy for us to have a female prime minister…but this lady who has deported people who didn’t deserve to be, who asked for us to get rid of the Human Rights Act…and has now made one of the most inept people at international relations Foreign Secretary?!


Next week, I will be in a space with no phone, no internet. Slightly disturbed at what news I’ll miss while I’m gone!

Yep, the time has come around again for Surf Camp. We have a full house of campers this year (so full the male camp leaders have been kicked out to a tent…sorry dudes). In fact, so full that they were desperate for more help in the kitchen and somehow I volunteered to ditch my role as group leader, head first aider and worship leader to an assistant cook. I’ll still be helping to lead worship though. Purple ukulele in hand, and very appreciative of my lovely friend Vicky who has picked up my prayer space preparation slack as the last few weeks have been slightly insane and it means I’m not going to spend tomorrow braving Ikea and various Poundland stores. Instead, I’ll be continuing to complete as many job applications as possible before I leave on Saturday morning. Oh, and sorting out a WHOLE bunch of posting and admin for the flat and Girlguiding that has a deadline while I’m at camp. ARGH!

Usually I look forward to surf camp, but this year…if I’m honest…I’m anxious. I’ve not had time to learn songs, me and God are not the best of mates and there’s so much going on that makes being away a less than ideal situation.

I didn’t get the job – for those who have been asking. It was a dream job and rather than do the usual thing of e-mailing the ‘thanks but no thanks’ they gave me a call. It was a needlessly long process of recruitment that really messed with my head and heart, and when I saw my phone ring for 60 seconds I thought there was going to be an end to this cruddiness and a lot of joy. Sigh. Not so much.

I never got to do a food shop this week, so I used Amazon Prime day (yay for free student trial) to buy Hamilton original broadway cast recording which FINALLY became available in the UK last week and was on sale. You get a free download through Amazon music, so although the CD set is still to arrive, I’ve been able to put it on my laptop and iPod.


Hamilton and making more grouch curing brownies with the last of my ingredients supply is giving me a reason to live right now. 🙂 And I think I need to get this t-shirt. It serves as an excellent reminder for how to deal with the last month…!


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