What I’m Currently Reading – July edition

As I mentioned, I finally finished Americanah last month. It was such an amazing read, I was both glad I’d saved it and mad at myself for leaving so long to delve into it’s pages. At the recommendation of friends, I started Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? – but of course, I can’t read one book at a time. IMG_7065

Girl Up by Laura Bates – A non fiction book, written by the author of the book Everyday Sexism and founder of the Everyday Sexism campaign. Her style of writing in this book reminds me a little of the pastor, Rob Bell who wrote Velvet Elvis. The decision to bump this recent purchase up the pile is because I’ve booked tickets to see Laura Bates at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August. Laura talks a lot about the gender specific language we use, and how patriarchy has helped belittle women through everyday language words and phrases – hence the title ‘Girl Up’ (as opposed to ‘man up’). It’s very frank, with explicit language in places but extremely thought provoking.

Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George – I stumbled across this book on a table in Waterstones a few months ago on one of my ‘oh, I’ll just pop in because I’m early for work/there’s still a while until the next bus’ wanderings. I opened up and read a few pages and fell in love with the idea of the Literary Apothecary, books being medicine. I recommended it to a few friends before I’d even read it myself, and my lovely friend Dani messaged me to thank me for the recommendation and how much she had been in need of the book. Convicted, I knew I needed to read it pronto as I’ve still not admitted to her that I haven’t read it through completely myself yet! (Dani often gets sent pictures of books I spy in Waterstones and other bookshops – our friendship was founded on a mutual love of books and children’s literature while we studied and roomed together in Germany).

Library Cat by Alex Howard – Library Cat is all about the University of Edinburgh’s most well known resident, the library cat and his library adventures. The library cat wandered in a few years ago, and didn’t seem to have a home. Eventually the library adopted him – he even had his own library ID card! I never saw him in the times I’ve gone to study there (I get access as a postgraduate student to most university libraries in the UK) but my friend Lindsay, who is an undergraduate student at Edinburgh, has seen him a few times and always sent me a text whenever she saw him around. Sadly, a week before this book got published he went missing and his whereabouts are still unknown.


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