The one where I’m being a bit pathetic…

I’m really hoping at some point my blog will go back to telling tales of fun and maybe some of my malteser moments. (For those not in the know, these are what people nickname ‘blonde’ moments, but since I’m a brunette these days, I call them malteser moments – blonde on the inside, brunette on the outside).

But alas, the last week of June (and start of July) has been pretty darn awful. Runaway tenants who have trashed my flat (and not paid bills). A job interview. A sinus infection (which seems to now been trying to turn itself into full blown flu – just in time for another job interview). A week of barely any sleep – two nights spent on a disgusting couch to rest between scrubbing, clearing out and painting is likely what sent me over the edge from “feeling like I’m coming down with something” to “can’t get enough blankets on top of me to stop me shivering yet feeling boiling hot”. All my month’s wages were gone by July 2nd too.

It’s times like these when you are barely standing (and at times bawling your eyes out totally overwhelmed) that you find out who your friends are. A long time friend came over to help me twice – both nights spending hours helping me scrub a toilet, dispose of destroyed furniture and painting a bedroom someone had painted with oil based paint amongst other things. Shout out to that person’s wife who let him go without a word of complaint and simply told her husband to give me a hug. Despite not having seen each other for well over a year, he still dropped everything to come help in my hour of desperate need. Then there’s my friends and my Mum who have offered to lend me/give me money for food and travel to work (and the second job interview). My Mum joined me for the second trip and scrubbed my bathroom until it was white again.

Friends are praying for me, wishing me well and sending advice for tomorrow’s interview. I would love this job, and really hope I get it. If I get it, I think regular readers of this blog will understand why it will mean so much to me. However, my prep time has been very limited by the weekend’s events and coming down sick. The interview is in a city an hour away and will likely take longer due to work they are doing on the transport routes this summer. I won’t lie – simply making it will be an achievement in itself.

Urgh. Must girl up and quit moaning….just gotta get through these challenges!

But God bless Sainsbury’s for extending the Active Kids order deadline (one less thing to worry about having to do this week).


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