The Little Robin…

At the moment I like Fridays. It’s an early 5.30 a.m. start so I’m always sleepy a few hours into my shift. My managers seem to have accepted my ‘Monica’ quirks and allow me to do my little methodical organising thing as we get our deliveries in for the week. Because I start early and I’m really only in for the delivery, I finish really early too. I try to stay in the city centre to do some uni work after because I know that sleep deprivation is ebbing away, and the minute I get home at sit on a bed or sofa…I’ll be in the land of napping.

However, this week we have had friends from the USA staying with us, and I was having to register with a new General Practitioner. Every three months I have to visit a nurse to get an injection. So I’d stayed at work, had lunch while doing some uni work and then headed to the new nurse (who was lovely! Hurrah!). I was very very sleepy by the time it was all done, and when I reached the  bus top, I saw there weren’t any buses for a while. So I decided to walk in the sunshine to the next stop. And then I saw this little robin.

He/She was sitting on the pavement next to the busy road just looking up at me. As I approached, it didn’t flinch or try to fly away. When I snapped this picture, and it still hadn’t moved, I began to think “hmm…this is strange“. Maybe it’s just me, but in my experience robins tend to fly away when they see that you’ve seen them! A passer by smiled at me in that “aww what a weird woman talking to a bird” kind of way as he walked past me at this point sitting on the pavement next to the little bird. At that point I realised the robin’s wing was jutting out slightly every time a car/bus/truck drove past us. It still wasn’t moving. And on closer look it had a big ball of fluff and feathers underneath.

Another passer by stopped as I was trying to google “what to do with an injured bird” on my phone. He felt sorry for the little robin too, and suggested taking it along to the zoo which was a couple of bus stops away and wished me luck. Thinking that the bus wouldn’t appreciate me taking a bird on board to get it home, and that I had no way of doing what the RSPB suggested of putting it in a box without being at home. I scooped it up in my hands per RSPB guidance and starting walking to Edinburgh Zoo.

The poor little robin didn’t make any movement as I did so, didn’t try to escape and as we got to the zoo it began to close it’s eyes. I was actually scared that it had died in my hands.

A very nice zookeeper who looks after the birds at the zoo came down to reception. He agreed with me that it had likely been hit by a passing car. Luckily it seemed like the robin hadn’t been badly injured, just concussed – hence the very sleepy state it was in. And so the zookeeper told me he would take the robin, give it some mealworms and pop it in a box to see how it did.

I hope it was ok.

Slightly more awake after this unexpected turn of events to the day, I decided to go visit the lemurs and the penguins before I went home. The Gentoo penguins are in nesting season, and a few baby penguins have already hatched. See if you can spot 3 baby penguins in the picture below!


And instead of napping, I ended up heading to West Lothian to hunt for a grave with our new American friends who had spent the day researching their family history. We ended up at a beautiful old church in Torphicen.


So I missed my usual Friday afternoon nap, but I’d say it was worth it to help the little robin and go on a family history adventure with our friends! 🙂


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