Please summer, come soon…

It’s been a week of snow, hail, darkened skies, migraines and fighting against ice cold gusts of wind.

Today the sunshine is finally coming through melting the snow that has frosted the Pentland Hills to the South of Edinburgh. Myself and my friend Jo (one of my Girlguiding chums) went out to a local Scout Centre at the edge of the Pentlands on Thursday lunchtime. Our local Girlguiding campsite closed last year, and so we are without a place to host our annual District campfire. And so with risk assessments to do we went out to visit the Scout site to see what it would be like.

We got snowed on.

But we found a very fancy campfire site (if Ikea made campsites…). No tree stump seats, dodgy bridges, need for collecting firewood, and water to put your fire out apparently. An alien concept to us ‘Do It Yourself’ Girlguiding members!


So with May arriving tomorrow, I hope the snow heads South (where it’s actually supposed to be almost Winter) and if we skipped spring and went straight to summer, I don’t have a problem with that. I would love to break out the flip flops, flat shoes and ditch my boots and massive black anorak jacket. I would love if I could hang my washing outside without it frosting. And I feel I shouldn’t be pre-heating my bed each night with a hairdryer anymore. I want to go wandering or lie on a picnic blanket with a book. And to do that without giving up in the space of 10 minutes (or crying because I’m so cold) it needs to get warmer.

One day driving in my car with the tunes blaring and my window popped open is simply not enough.

Come on summer….please come to Scotland this year!



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