Earth Day…

Today is Earth Day. You don’t have to look too far to notice that there are a lot of issues about the way we are treating this planet. Between whales washing up on shore with stomachs full of plastic, to freaky weather, to earthquakes, droughts and the rest…we are not living in a sustainable way.


Here’s just a few simple things that you can do to make things a bit better…

Reduce your plastic.

Refuse those shopping bags, and take your own reusable NON plastic ones. Bring your own mug or bottle for putting drink in.

If you want to get radical, write to companies who have unnecessary plastic packaging. It is really sad that we are moving from glass (much more reusable and recyclable) to plastic!


Does it really need to go to the general waste bin? If it can be recycled, do recycle. We don’t have dusters in our house. We use (clean) old knickers and t shirts that no charity shop is ever going to want!

Save on fuel

Can you walk, cycle, get the bus, train or car share? Save money and save the need for more drilling and fracking…

Save water

Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. Don’t leave the shower running for ages before you get in. Also help the water system by making sure you don’t drop litter or put anything other than the 4 Ps (pee, poo, (toilet) paper & the other one I don’t like mentioning or ever happening) down your toilet.

Save electricity

Use those low energy bulbs, don’t leave your phone/laptop/mp3 player/tablet plugged in longer than it needs charging, switch lights off when you leave a room. Don’t fill your kettle with more water than you need to boil…

These are all just simple things you can do to help our earth a little more. 🙂

Happy Earth Day!


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