BK’s YouTube Picks: Different Paths to the Same Destination…

I am a YouTube addict. It’s true, and I love watching interviews. I recently discovered clips from an online show called offCamera, and I’ve been loving listening to the wisdom they share gained from their life experiences. This video clip from Sam’s interview with Dax Shepard really made me think and encouraged me. In it, Dax talks about the differences between himself and his wife, Kristen. Their very different upbringings led to their radically different perspectives on people (Kristen’s nature being to trust people, Dax’s nature being to suspect them as having an ulterior motive). And yet, somehow they’ve ended up in the same place despite having led very different lives from childhood to adulthood.

A little warning – there is some strong language used by Dax Shepard in this clip, so you might not want to watch this video if that’s going to bother you.

I think it’s something we all need to remember. It’s far too easy to pigeonhole folks as a lost cause, or a guarantees success story – when in fact we simply do not know. Many things are possible, and perhaps we need to keep that in mind more often. 🙂


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