Chocolate is not my friend…

All things considered, it’s been a bit of a crappy weekend. My research project has hit a major snafu – the organisation that months ago seemed really happy for me to do my research on, is now not (at the moment) giving written permission for my university ethics committee. I got a free chocolate bar which I had a reaction to – so I had to cancel on my friend on Friday night. I was not feeling great this morning and a longer double bus ride to work in a different shop probably sent me over the edge…a little headache had turned into a migraine by the time I got home. Painkillers and a nap helped a little but not enough to see properly to safely drive 60 miles to my friend’s 40th birthday party. And then I also discovered that despite freezing temperatures (we had a hailstorm today) and not being remotely close to a heat source, part of her (handmade) present had melted.

There was however, a bright light in all this. After a lot of searching, I managed to find Transatlanticism on vinyl. It’s maybe a good thing I was at work (and then trying not to throw up while lying in a darkened room) because I really don’t have the money to spend on all the beautiful vinyl my friends have bought for Record Store Day. I had to order this online as none of the record stores in Edinburgh had it, and it arrived while I was at work on Friday. I got to enjoy it before I ate the chocolate bar of evilness, and confirm that my turntable works…after I fixed the turning belt which I had attached to wrong gadget underneath the metal circle plate thing. For 20 horrible minutes I thought it had an electric fault and that I was going to have to go back to the shop and wait several more days to have my record player moment.


And the second thing cheering me up – Danusia Francis winning the balance beam title at NCAAs (finally – I’ve thought every year that she’d get it!), plus the Bruins making it to the Super Six. They’ve had a lot of injuries this year, and their ‘walk on’ athletes have really stepped up this season. I really hope a few of the girls can get scholarships next year because they deserve them. I’ve tweeted this already, but sending some blue and gold love to the Bruins tonight. I don’t want this season to be over, the Senior class (Danusia, Sophina and Sadiqua) have been such incredible athletes to watch compete and I love their sportsmanship with the gymnasts from other universities/colleges.


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