You spin me around like a record…

My blog posts of late have been a little on the heavy side. I had a birthday last week (there might have been a clue about that in a recent blog post) and this year I decided that any and all money I may receive would go towards something I really wanted as opposed to tuition fees. I’ve also been working every hour I can get in the shop so that I wouldn’t need to use birthday money for the mundane stuff like university books, tuition fees, food and toothpaste.

What I’ve wanted since I was a wee girl (siblings if you are reading this, leave the short jokes now…it’s just that you’re all giants! 😛 ) is a vinyl record turntable. My Nana and Grandad had one and I used to love putting their records on it they had a collection that included Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller and more. My Mum had the Black Lace children’s party one (Birdie Song, Conga and of course, Superman), The Beatles collection and my favourite as a kid – Laura Branigan’s ‘Self Control’. Over the years my taste in music has got increasingly eclectic. There are a few genres I find it difficult to listen to – Country, Hard House, Dance…but love electronic, rock, pop, jazz, reggae, blues. Though I confess my knowledge of who is who is terrible! So with money from parents, an aunt and even one of my siblings I was able to purchase this at the weekend:IMG_6707

I still need to get some speakers (I forgot to add that into my budget) and it may be a while before I can afford to buy them, and of course I need to get some vinyl records. My big thing though is what the first record will be played on it. My Mum thinks I’m off my trolley she doesn’t get why I don’t just play any old record to make sure it works. But for me, I like to savour things. I’m not a get up and rip all my presents open kind of person. I like to be able to savour the moment. I think I’ve decided now, that the first album I want to play is one of my all time favourite albums – Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism. When mp3 players started taking over and we all became downloaders of single songs and get familiar with the skip button, this was the first album I got where I would just put it on my CD player and listen to the whole thing start to finish. Sadly, it is one of the CDs that has become a victim of my Mum’s car stereo (it seems to like attacking a track on each of the CDs – and has ruined tracks on two Death Cab albums and The Weatherfolks’ This Bell Will Ring). So I don’t mind rebuying it on vinyl.

I’ve also been trying to suss out the vinyl record shops of Edinburgh. I went to two specialist charity shops on my day off, but my favourite shop so far is Vox Box. However I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. I did manage to find The Bangles and some Ella Fitzgerald on a record in one of the charity shops. I’ll see what the records are like

I have a list of things I’d love to get…

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Jimmy Cliff – Jimmy Cliff (mainly for Many Rivers to Cross)

Belle and Sebastian – The Boy with the Arab Strap

John Lennon – Imagine

Other artists I’m looking out for are Ray LaMontagne, Nina Simone, The Smiths, David Bowie, The Postal Service. I’ve been recommended by one of Edinburgh’s most well known audiophiles, Ian Rankin that I should get Kraftwerk’s Man Machine. And I’m definitely wanting to discover some Jazz, blues and reggae to break out of my pop, punk and indie rock so I need to pay more attention to who the artists are that I catch on BBC 6 Music.

This is a taste of some of the artists I love:

The Ramones, The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, The Zutons, Oasis (earlier 90s stuff), Jimmy Eat World, Audioslave, Nada Surf, The National, David Bowie, The Beatles, John Lennon, T-Rex, The Undertones, The White Stripes, Nina Simone, Sia, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Sarah McLachlan, Dashboard Confessional, Sigur Ros, Adele, Air, Boards of Canada, Sam Amidon, The Clash, Noah and The Whale, Death Cab for Cutie, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Jack Johnson, Rend Collective, Ben Howard, Ben Folds, Ben Lee, Regina Spektor, Buddy Holly, Garbage, Green Day, Macy Gray, Lauryn Hill, Guns N Roses, The Who, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Santana, Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, The Kinks, Krezip, Madonna, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, The Perishers, Radiohead, Ingrid Michaelson, Teenage Fan Club, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Marley and the Wailers…ok. The list goes on and on!

Any vinyl lovers out there want to recommend new and old artists that I should check out, or records that I should go hunting for?



2 thoughts on “You spin me around like a record…

  1. DJ Nu-Way says:

    Well congrats! I remember when I first started getting into vinyl (really only a few years ago haha). It’s such a rewarding way to enjoy music. These are some of my favorites to enjoy on vinyl:
    Jack White – “Lazaretto” – has an angel hologram and plays backwards – yes.
    The Shins – “Wincing The Night Away”
    Booker T. and The M.G.’s (anything you can find)
    Jimi Hendrix “Axis: Bold As Love”
    Bob Marley “Soul Rebels”
    Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”
    Led Zeppelin IV (my favorite one)
    The Black Keys “Rubber Factory”

    Happy digging!

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