32 lessons in 32 years…

  1. Naps are awesome.560875_10151020629592622_663593911_n
  2. No amount of forcing yourself to watch ER or the slug scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will get rid of emetophobia.
  3. It’s impossible to attempt a cartwheel on a beach without ending up smiling and/or laughing (or making other’s laugh).
  4. The best gifts are the ones you give or share with others.IMG_6668
  5. Getting older is a blessing to be celebrated not to be commiserated – because not everyone gets to grow old.
  6. I’m always happiest when I’m wearing quirky shoes, and I love that they often make other people smile too.IMG_6670
  7. You will find more similarities with other humans than differences if you take the time to listen and learn rather than assume and believe what you hear from others.
  8. Always top up your skooshers with water and screenwash before you go on a road trip to England.IMG_0661
  9. Don’t let little people have sugar any less than two hours before bedtime. Because bedtime will not be sleeptime.
  10. If your instincts say you should go check on something…go check it.
  11. Learning first aid is an important life skill.IMG_6035
  12. A university degree is not going to guarantee you a paid job at the end of it.
  13. Universal healthcare is something to be thankful for and worth the fight to protect so everyone has access to healthcare if they need it.
  14. Don’t be smug, because there by the grace of God goes you.
  15. It’s easy to say what you would or wouldn’t do in theory, but it’s a whole other thing if you ever end up in that hypothetical situation for real. You simply don’t know until you get there.
  16. Siblings give the best hugs.
  17. When your siblings aren’t around, bears are the next best thing.IMG_1220
  18. Art is important, because great art provokes our thought, challenges us to think from a different viewpoint and helps raise awareness of all sorts of complex issues going on in our world.
  19. You shouldn’t move house the same day you are going on a month long backpacking trip.Aus train station
  20. Do not fabric glue your guide badges to your camp blanket.IMG_6535
  21. Children have so much to teach us about learning.
  22. When you eat junk you feel like junk.
  23. How you treat people matters, and will make a difference for better or worse.
  24. Don’t ever rely on anyone to remember your medical records. Not even your parents. (For details see: the 21 years where my Mum told me and my school that I’d had 3 vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella which turned out to be for polio, diptheria and tetanus. This is not good when you end up studying in a medical school and work in clinical settings during a mumps epidemic.)
  25. If you want community you need to take the time and effort to build it with others willing to do the same.IMG_6310
  26. You can’t stay angry for long when you are blowing bubbles. Or saying bubbles. (and it’s one of my tried and tested methods for calming down an overtired toddler).
  27. The saying that ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me‘? It’s rubbish. The things people label you with and say to you do stick with you and it’s tough to forget and ignore.
  28. The truth about a person’s character is in their actions and how they treat other people.
  29. You can’t read too many books.10390427_10154135594275648_2926788453573323273_n
  30. Laganas, Zakynthos is one of the worst places to go on a family holiday.
  31.  How we treat this earth matters – now, and in the future. There’s a limit to how much junk we can throw in the earth and sea, how much we can fight against and drain nature’s resources.
  32. I may not be able to cook very well, but I can make a tasty cupcake.



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