How many books are you reading?

I’ve managed to switch off my Goodreads notifications so they no longer appear on my facebook. Mainly because I always got asked “How many books are you reading?!” Rory explains it perfectly for me when she’s packing her backpack for school…

…I’m actually trying to refrain from starting any more until I’ve handed in some things for uni. It’s hard people…as much as I love Margaret’s new book (which quite frankly ANYONE trying to do any kind of community development needs to have read before they are let loose on the general public, in my opinion).

Photo on 28-01-2016 at 11.13

There’s a pile of books on my bedroom floor written by Chimamanda, Sandy, Mindy, Rachel, Alice, Jodi, Fitzgerald and others calling out to me while I ignore them for journal papers at the moment. Sorry author friends. I’ll be back soon…I promise.


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