How not to write a dissertation…


There’s nothing like the sudden announcement from your supervisor that he’s going out the country for a month and can you please have everything in a slightly earlier date than you expected to send you in a panic. Especially when you  haven’t been able to get the literature you know is out there but apparently unattainable from all 4 libraries you are a member of…

Of course most sensible people would just get on with it, but I seem to have hit total writer’s block. And the fear that my blank Microsoft Word document and the ethics form that I’m trying to complete has sent me back to some top forms of what I like to call ‘productive procrastination’.


        1. Reading through the massive pile of books you want to read on the holidays you’ve never been able to afford to take for the last 3 years.
        2. Learning how to knit with your Senior Section and attempt to knit a scarf.
        3. Using the newly acquired sewing skills (skill might be stretching it) and making a new camp blanket to replace the one that you fabric glued your old badges to in a haphazard manner after they started falling off*
        4. Making a massive pot of my vegetable stew. It was a good batch too.
        5. Downloading every interest badge Guides can do, putting them in a word document and printing off copies to create a badge folder for the girls in my unit who have been asking about earning more badges.
        6. Scrubbing the bathroom (the quinoa from my hair and scalp scrubs gets everywhere no matter how often I clean the shower…)
        7. Going to read a document on your iPad and somehow end up playing 10 games of solitaire.
        8. Stay late at work
        9. Do all the banking, forms, posting for your Girlguiding units.
        10. Research other things that may help your community.

and of course… 11. write a blog post about it.

*They fell off because my sewing skills were so terrible when I was a teenager, that every week I would have to take a needle and thread to reattach elastics and ribbons to my various ballet shoes. This didn’t go unnoticed by my ballet teacher who eventually told me I was banned from sewing for life. When I got my pointe shoes said that I was on no condition to touch them with a needle and thread that she was getting someone else to stitch the toes and the ribbons on for me as I wasn’t going to break an ankle on her watch. I thought she was being a bit OTT, but when I look at my old ballet shoes…yeah. Good call Sonja!

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