Checking in…


I am still alive, I promise. It was half term last week so I was working more than usual and yesterday was World Thinking Day (an important day for the 10,000,000 Guides and Girl Scouts around the globe). I decided to end the week by having a violent reaction to some quiche so that made for an interesting shaky Monday – I’ve never been so thankful for a quiet shop or that my Mum had a day off work. I had a nurse’s appointment (my last with this medical practice, hoping I get just as lovely a nurse in the medical practice I move to) and my Mum was able to come pick me up so I didn’t have a long journey home on one of Edinburgh’s most “character-filled” bus services which I think may have ended me. We headed over to our old neighbourhood which is close to my doctor’s surgery to visit a fabric shop so I could get some new fleece to replace my old camp blanket and got me home to have a quick nap before I had to go out to set up for Thinking Day.

The rest of this week will see me hitting the books, websites and journals and cursing at using Microsoft Word to get the first draft of my literature review done. Apparently I have to produce a lot of words to become a ‘Master of Education’ and my blog words don’t count towards it. Or my facebook usage. Rats.

Off to be more disciplined and take advantage of the fact that it’s just me in the house today which makes getting things done a much more peaceful experience.

If you meet me looking dazed/stressed/manic it’s just uni-ness. Feed me chocolate brownies and back away slowly, and all will be tickety-boo… ! 🙂


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