World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day.

My friend is remembering her Mum today. We could barely recognise her in the last months of her life. My other friend is organising his wife’s funeral with his two teenage daughters. She died last Friday evening. My friend lost her Mum before she was a teenager. Another friend and his wife lost their son before his 1st birthday. He never knew life without cancer. I imagine that the other Ranger unit in our area is remembering their friend. She will never ‘graduate’ from high school because cancer took away that chance. And our Very Airmail Christmas honouree, Kylie? She never got to become a teenager. Cancer took away her chance to experience her Make-A-Wish trip and her 13th birthday. Right now, there’s a Brownie called Keira who has battled with cancer since she was a Rainbow and is about to try and do battle with a second tumour. Keira has DIPG – a cancer that no UK government funding goes into research for – unsurprisingly it only has a 10% survival rate. All the research is funded by charitable donations from small parent-led charities like this one.

Kylie said that she thought that “cancer should die, not the kids”.

I agree Kylie, I agree.

And I believe like many medical scientists do, that if we find better treatments and cures for childhood cancers, it’s going to help us fight the adult cancers too.

Because it certainly isn’t happening the other way around.


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