What I’m Currently Reading…


My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem – As previously mentioned, my fellow Guide leader and I decided to join Emma Watson’s bookclub as it seemed like a path we were already on. I am supposed to have finished this book by now, but as per usual have been distracted by work, sleeping, Girlguiding prep and got a little sucked into re-watching Season 1 of Gilmore Girls when I was too cold to do anything but wrap myself like Lenny Kravitz in multiple blankets. But oh.my.word. This book. The stories. The reflections. Gloria is a community organiser, journalist and traveller and just has so much wisdom that she has gained from just being in the moment and meeting everyday ordinary people that politicians often ignore. So much of what I’ve read so far has matched up with my own frustrations and discoveries in my years of Community development work. Basically you need to all read this book.

The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan – A collection of short stories and non-fiction essays from a Yale student. Tragically Marina died in a car accident shortly after her graduation, but what has come out of that is her friends, mentors and teachers putting together this collection of her writing pieces. It is worth reading, especially if you are a young single woman trying to navigate life and discover your purpose. Marina writes in such a real and authentic way, not trying to be older than she is – which is refreshing.


Yes Please by Amy Poehler – I didn’t really know who Amy was until she voiced the lead character of Joy in Inside Out. Since then I’ve watched more interviews she has done and I know that Mindy Kaling (whose first book of memoirs/essays I read last year) is a fan of hers. So I figured it was worth a read. I’ve only read one chapter (sorry Amy, you did get put the side so I could attempt to finish Gloria’s book in time for the bookclub discussion) but I like it so far and will definitely be picking it back up again.

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai – I started this book when it first came out in paperback, and it is an incredible story. The only issue I’ve had is that is seems very badly edited so you have to really concentrate to follow some sections of her story (just basic grammar and sentence flow that has not been picked up on so you sometimes have to read a paragraph a couple of times to work out what they meant to say). Unfortunately, the book was in my handbag and a bottle of water I was carrying leaked and totally ruined my copy thus halting my reading of it. I now have a new copy and am continuing on from where I left off.


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