When you can’t think of the words, buy sharpies

So I have a ton of half written posts in my drafts folder, and seem to be having some kind of writer’s block. This week has been mostly sleeping, working and Girlguiding. And trying to sort out problems with my flat (the joys of being a Landlord).Photo on 22-01-2016 at 20.58

However a trip to the giant supermarket that is completely useless in providing food to buy but great for Guide craft stuff, finding a yellow top when you want to dress as a minion or an electric heater when all the ones in your unheated office seem to be breaking…it’s very handy. And last night I popped in to get a ream of paper and a storage box for Christmas decorations and discovered the gem of a deal above. 28 sharpie markers in all the colours of the rainbow for £7. Ok. So I don’t really have a spare £7, but that was too good a deal to miss as I love a good sharpie for scrapbooking and my quotes.

This weekend I need to finish Gloria Steinem and get a jump on my literature review. As apparently the end of February is approaching at warp speed which is when my first 5,000 word draft of that is due. But just maybe I’ll find some new quotes to write down with my new sharpies along the way…



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