Quotes to live by: Using my education…

quote Nelson Mandela

I hope this is true Madiba. Tomorrow, I restart a journey that began when I was 19 and found myself in a job I never really knew existed. On 2nd November 2003, I was baptised and within a week I had quit university and reapplied to start a degree through the same university. This time not in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science but at the Faculty of Medicine.

The new plan? To get a degree in Health Promotion, and a postgraduate diploma in Community Education.

I did the first part, but got derailed in the second part.

In June 2013 I got back on track to complete part 2 of the plan. I left messages with three universities, and after a conversation over the phone in an Old Town Alleyway hiding from the Edinburgh “breeze”, I chose to study in Glasgow.

A semester was spent commuting through 1-2 days a week, with a stack of food to keep me going from the early morning to my  return 12 or more hours later. I would try to do reading on the trains knowing that my other days would be filled with Girlguiding and running a pregnancy resource centre.

Things got a bit derailed again, when at the end of my first year of part-time study I was made redundant. I literally went to my final class of the year, and the next day got told by trustees that they had taken the decision to shut down the charity whose centre I had run for seven years. I still had one more year of fees to pay and no qualification yet. The more I studied, the more I wanted to not simply get my qualification but spend some time doing a Masters. It was double the fees, and in the end the struggle was too much. Three bugs later during my final placement with a dying laptop and an empty bank account, I emailed and said I needed to pull out of the Masters Research course.

Tomorrow, I go back to university to restart that final module which will hopefully give me not another ‘Dip’ after my name but a ‘MEd’. I have a new laptop, and have paid £900 of my module fees (let’s not talk about the £1,300+ still to pay). I’m so happy to have had a temp job that has turned into a permanent job. It may still be minimum wage, but hopefully it will keep me in food, and give some weekend time to do research and see the friends that have kept me sane through all the ups and many downs of the last 9 years.

And most importantly, hopefully I will be able to use my education to help make the world a better place at the end of all this.

So here is hoping I can get my brain reengaged in studying, learning and research.

Because at the moment is just covered in bear fluff.



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