BK’s YouTube Picks: Star Wars Theme

I listened to this great interview with David Quantick on BBC 6 Music before going to church the other Sunday. He was asked what makes you a better writer…and basically it was to write every day.

That was a bit of encouragement to me, and then I’ve found myself with nothing to say. So I’ll tell you instead what I did last weekend with my glorious three days off (God bless Scotland and it’s extra bank holiday for Hogmanay celebration recovery).

I went to see Star Wars.

No one in my family is into the Star Wars thing. We’ve always done Disney classics, and let me assure you that you don’t need to hear my Dad trying to sing the first lines of The Circle of Life and I think my Mum still holds a grudge from the amount of times she was caught humming songs from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and The Jungle Book on her way to work (or at work) when I was little.

How did I get into it? Well, when I was a university undergraduate student I used to babysit for families from my church. One of our pastors had three boys I babysat for and when they found out I’d never seen Star Wars they deemed it necessary to educate me. They sat me down to watch A New Hope, explained the Star Wars universe to me, and every time I babysat them it turned into a bit of Star Wars classroom. My friend then lent me all 6 episodes and with another friend who had never seen Star Wars, we watched all the episodes (1,2 then 4, 5 and 6) the Revenge of the Sith came out later in the cinemas. That Christmas, my little brother gave me his Darth Maul lightsaber.

Everyone had gone to see The Force Awakens by Christmas, usually while I was at work…stuffing many bears that looked like characters from the films. So many kids almost let slip spoilers to me as I helped stuff and stitch their bears and I sometimes had a pout because I hadn’t seen the movie yet and everyone had gone without me. And then after Christmas when my friend, her brother-in-law and the gorgeously cute 3 month old Miamoo came to my house for dinner we discovered that we all had the same day off and none of us had yet seen the movie. 2nd January became THE DAY WE WOULD GO SEE STAR WARS.


I loved it because of it’s ‘Old style Star Wars’ feel. I loved it because I was so glad that my favourite actress (that’s Lupita Nyong’0 by the way) is playing this awesome intriguing character. I loved it because I knew that little boys in the shop had told me their favourite characters were Rey and Finn, and after seeing the film I understood why. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it all the trolls who complained about a girl and a British Nigerian being lead characters! And Rey is great. I didn’t yell at her nearly as much as I continually yelled at Luke Skywalker in episodes 4-6. It was just missing ewoks (maybe in the next movie?)

I am a YouTube watcher, and love watching bits of Jimmy Fallon’s show which we don’t get in the UK (or if we do, it’s only if you have the channels on your cable/satellite that you have to pay extra for). I love when he and the Roots do song covers, and this might be my new favourite.


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