BK imparts her wisdom for 2016…

As a new year begins, so does the fitness regimes, the diets (which make me rant – because once a Health Scientist, always a Health Scientist…), the resolutions…

If I were to impart wisdom on how to find joy in life this is what I would share with you…

give what you can. It doesn’t have to be about money. I have loved building bears especially for friends, but I also love that my singleness allows me time and freedom to babysit my friends’ kids, to donate my time to Girlguiding amongst other things. And it brings me joy.

enjoy eating. Diets are often not healthy. And junk food often makes you feel like junk. But if it’s articifical it’s going to be rubbish and taste rubbish even if it’s marketed as ‘health food’. Eat seasonally, prepare it in the way that makes it taste best. I love fruit and certain vegetables and eating what I like to eat that is also filled with nutrients keeps me going. And hopefully makes up for all the chocolate. 🙂

keep moving. You don’t have to spend money on expensive gyms. Find ways to keep moving that you enjoy. Some people love cross fit and going to the gym. Some people like doing a ballet class. Others like to go for a walks with friends. And some people suggest that to get back into “picking up pirates in the New Year“* is a good goal for 2016.

meditate on art. Listen to a whole record. Get cosied up with a book. Wander, stop and stare in an art gallery. Make a trip to the theatre. Watch a film. Absorb it. Think on it. Reflect on it.

take people seriously, and yourself not so much. Thank others. Compliment an effort. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or to be silly. Sing like no one is listening, dance like nobody is watching. Excuse me, while I take a moment to have a boogie around the living room as a great tune has come on the radio…

have courage. Give it a try. You don’t have to be good at something to enjoy the process of trying. And success doesn’t need to equate to perfection.

laugh. Life goes by more smoothly when you can find the funny side of situations. That time when everything went wrong – giggle about how one day you’ll be retelling that story about the time when your car broke down in the pouring rain with a boot full of youth work stuff. Or when Gran got flu and Grandad forgot to remove the plastic bag of stuffing from the turkey before he put it in the oven on Christmas Eve. The world continued on and somehow with other people to laugh-cry through it as you cleaned up the messy crappy situation, you’re all alive to tell the tale. “Remember that time…?

hug. There is nothing like a warm embrace that speaks the words of welcome, love and appreciation. Or simply says that I’m in your life for the long haul.

try to see the best in people. Identify that in other people which makes the world a better place. Encourage it, support it. When we celebrate each other instead of pulling each other down, peace and joy comes in abundance.

allow imagination. There are far too many people crapping on Santa and the Tooth Fairy, and some customers seem to be a little cynical when I warn kids to keep a close watch on their bears. Without imagination there would be no innovation. There would be no telephone, no wellies, no internet, no aeroplanes, no food mixers, no medicines….because no  one would have started a sentence with “I wonder…”


Apparently this was one of my most ‘liked’ instagram photos of 2015. My hope for this New Year is that 2016 will be filled with three of my loves…bears, books and ballet. 🙂 I hope yours will be filled with things that bring you joy too – whatever that may be.

*or my friend and I could just stick with doing our Pilates DVD each week. Arrrrrr me core muscles!


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