A Very Airmail Christmas to you all


It’s been lovely to see people’s cards arriving for Airmail Christmas. We have had participants from all over the USA (unsurprisingly a good chunk of them residing in Georgia!), England, Scotland, Slovakia and even South Africa! Thank you to everyone who has participated, and a special thank you to card receivers who have posted pictures of their Christmas Cards. You can see the ones I’ve been sent or found on social media in the gallery here. I think some are still to arrive through letterboxes, and I hope if they’ve been posted they haven’t gotten lost in the ether of holiday season postal carnage.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For being so patient with a scatty koala organising this in the midst of two jobs and deciding she’s doing another year of postgraduate study. For doing this in honour of a girl who never got to be a teenager. For doing this to encourage a family who are hurting with the loss of a loved one and all the gaps that brings.

There are four minutes to midnight here in Scotland – I can see on NORAD that Santa is making his way up here. I sit in the fairy lights with Narnia on the TV, my favourite books of poetry beside me and I’m remembering a dear childhood friend who lost his life on Christmas Eve four years ago.

There is light in the darknesss, and there are good, kind people in this world that make that light shine brighter.

Merry Christmas to you all

Brunette Koala x


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