Thank you for your prayers…

Photo on 21-12-2015 at 00.19

Just a wee note to say thank you for your prayers – I’ve totally felt the power of them the last few days. I have a simple plan – drink lemon and ginger tea laced with honey, go to work, come home, eat, sleep.

On Monday I knew there was a small chance that my Dad may come to Scotland. He has told me he was coming before, and not appeared so I never expect him. I was surprised that near the end of my shift our manager came down to the stock room with the phone – my Dad was on the other end. He had arrived in Edinburgh, was unimpressed by the rain and it’s sogginess. He came down to meet me as we’d had discussed last week, and we had dinner together. I can’t actually remember when I last had dinner with my Dad. Maybe two or three years ago? I was still in my 20s I know that. It was nice to see him.

And so now I have one shift left. I have a ton I hoped to do that hasn’t been done. But to be honest…I don’t mind. I managed to go to the supermarket and get my pre-Christmas food shop done AND wash my hair tonight and that feels like an achievement.  I’m so looking forward to having Christmas Eve and Day off, and plan on staying in my house with Christmas movies on, cursing over sellotape and wrapping paper (because  I do not have the gift of gift wrapping skills) and if I have the energy – making my White Christmas Slice. If I don’t – that’s ok! I think I finally learned my lesson from all the years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that sometimes you need to simplify it down to the bare minimum of to-do lists and when you do, everyone is still standing and that’s the main thing.


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