A wee please let my body be super strong for Christmas working prayer request


Would totally appreciate your prayers for endurance and protection for health. I thought I was doing ok with the 14 days working in a row (and it would have been more had I not been given a weekend off from the cafe this weekend by my lovely manager and her daughter who did an extra opening for me). I had  a day off on Friday, a short shift in the shop which went a little longer than expected as someone called in sick on Saturday, but used the unusually mild weather to stop in at the Zoo for an hour before it closed on my way home. It had been a while since I checked in with the only other female koala in Edinburgh!

By nighttime I was feeling a bit weird, didn’t get as much sleep as I’d liked and felt totally drained as I tried to get to church. I almost turned around and came home, but so desperately wanted to deliver cards, see my friend’s wee boy in the Nativity and finally give Miss S her birthday present (plus Miss S had been texting me last weekend and on Saturday night asking if I’d be coming to Christmas services at church). I felt sick again as I came home and this afternoon have started developing a rather fetching giant cold sore on my bottom lip. I’ve spent most of the day wrapped in blankets struggling to stay warm. All signs that my body is rundown, in need of a break and my immune system is having a battle with something.

However, I work in a toy shop and it’s the final days before Christmas! The good news is that at least when I come home I don’t need to go back out again – there is no language homework, no Girlguiding meeting to prepare for. I’m not planning on doing any university work until the New Year. But if I’m off sick, I’m letting people down and I don’t get paid. I have two days off on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where I plan to stay at home as much as I possibly can and do as little as possible before the post-Christmas madness starts up on Boxing Day (and likely won’t end until the schools go back!) Please pray that my body would be able to kick any germs to the kerb and that I’d be wise at resting as much as I can in between shifts. Oh, and eating more than Christmas chocolate and mince pies.

Thank you Koala Tree visitors,

BK x


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