BK’s YouTube Picks: Fantastic Beasts

You may be aware that I’m huge fan of Harry Potter. The word ‘geek’ would totally apply here, and I’m fine with that. I love the books, and I have ALL of them (yes, this includes the ones Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them). Pottermore is pretty much the only computer game I’ve ever played (I don’t like computer games but it’s worth it for all the fun background information on the characters I’ve come to love so much) and I love all the films – bar The Goblet of Fire…I can’t watch it without yelling at the TV when Michael Gambon makes an acting choice (or the Director made one?) that goes COMPLETELY against the character of Dumbledore. My friends made me watch the DVD with them, and they think my anger at this moment is hilarious. I also happen to be a fan of Eddie Redmayne’s work – he surprised me hugely with his portrayal of Marius in Les Miserables and he continues to choose complex and interesting stories to bring to life through the medium of film. I love that he isn’t ashamed to get excited when he wins awards and that he seems to be someone that takes other people very seriously, but himself not so much. So I’m just a tad excited to see him play Newt Scamander…

…the main issue is having to wait until the end of next year for this film. And with David Yates directing (he did such a great job with the last four Harry Potter films) I think it should be fun to watch.


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