1 week to go!


with only one week to go until the sign up deadline, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has spread the word and/or signed up so far!

There is still time to sign up. All you have to do is e-mail forrobin_christmas AT hotmail DOT com with your name and postal address. This year some participants have said their kids want to join in. If this is the case, can you let me know in your e-mail as I’m going to try to match kids with other kids.

I’m working next Friday building bears, but looking forward to coming home and e-mailing every participant the details of who they are to post a Christmas card to.

And yes, they can be handmade or store bought. It really doesn’t matter. The important part is posting the card in honour of Kylie. And if you can – sharing a picture of the card you receive for our Airmail Christmas gallery once it comes through your letterbox.

Please do keep sharing and telling others about Airmail Christmas before our (American) Thanksgiving deadline!

The original post is here.






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