BK’s YouTube Picks – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Ok. Sainsbury’s, a round of applause to you as you’ve officially sucked me in with your Christmas marketing. Last year I wasn’t convinced by the chocolate World War 1 advert but this year you’ve got me with Mog and children’s books. And sharing.

Yep. Hook, line and sinker. Now I’m going to have to explain to University of Glasgow that you may be in part to blame for the lack of money in my bank account to pay tuition fees because how can I not by the Mog’s Christmas Calamity book? It’s a cat, it’s Christmas, it’s promoting children’s literacies, and it’s MOG. And Mog almost got squashed by a clock and then run over by the fire brigade!! EEK!

And of course, a little reminder that there’s still time to sign up for A Very Airmail Christmas. All you need to do is send me your postal address details in an e-mail to forrobin_christmas AT hotmail DOT com. And then next (Black) Friday when I get home from building bears I’ll e-mail you with the address of another participant for you to mail a Christmas card through the post to in honour of Smiley Kylie Myers!


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