BK’s BookPouch: Lion Practice…



With some time to kill, I went into Waterstone’s (I really need to stop going in there when I’m early for things) and took the opportunity to spy out some future birthday and Christmas gifts. This book by illustrator, Emma Carlisle caught my eye.

I opened it up, and wouldn’t you believe that the character’s name is pretty similar to mine…and is all about a little girl who decides she is going to pretend to be a lion. The only problem is that her lion antics are not quite so appreciated by her parents and baby sibling…

…the book ends with a happier note when her family feel a bit bad for losing their temper, and make it up to her. And give her an idea for another animal to practice being the next day…uh oh!


Any new books you’ve spotted that you think might make a good Christmas gift?

PS Please don’t forget to sign up for A Very Airmail Christmas if you haven’t already.


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