BK’s YouTube Picks: Even When I’m Gone

I stumbled across this video which was created by the Children’s Cancer Research Fund for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month last year, in a tribute to some of the teens who had battled cancer with the team at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital.

I really won’t stop yelling about the need for more research into childhood cancer until we see things change, like we have with breast cancer.

The same as I’ll always be yelling about organ donation too…until our transplant waiting lists are down, and more people are speaking out about their wish to be organ donors if it is possible when they die.

Don’t forget the Olivers, the Zachs, the Kylies, the Evas, the Annas, the Kinas, the Emilys, the Jessicas, the Talias…we need to remember them and their message and wishes…that no one would die waiting for transplant, that there would be no more cancer and that CF would stand not for Cystic Fibrosis but ‘Cure Found’.


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