Dreaming about bagels…

Yes. It’s been quiet on the Koala Tree.

No. I didn’t manage to pick a quote for the week.

Yes. I have been at work for more hours than usual. This did lead to me dreaming very vividly last night about serving bagels to people. In great detail. It was mainly Deli Pastrami bagels. Pickle and mustard? Which kind of bagel would you like that on? Yes, I do toast them.

PS Dear customers who look at me weirdly when I reply ‘Do you want milk in that?’ to their order of ‘Black coffee’ – I’m asking because you probably wouldn’t believe the amount of customers who then grouchily ask me if they can get some milk in the ‘Black coffee’ they ordered. I’ve also been asked to provide ‘White coffee without the milk’. Which is black coffee. Basically, I’m going to check with you at least once about the whole milk situation in your hot drink just in case so I don’t have to make it twice and add to my washing up pile. 🙂

Yes. I have been at the Book Festival too. Did I mention the bags this year are PURPLE? (it just adds to the pleasure of buying books)

Yes. I have been continuing to search for jobs in the world of Community learning and development while awaiting the external examiner to put their stamp of approval on our final assignment grades.

No. I haven’t decided whether to pay the £3000 to do my Masters research project. Mainly because I feel I need more guaranteed work to know I’ll have the money to pay it in installments by May 2016. Sigh. Thanks universities for increasing your fees this year. For courses that you can’t get funding or scholarships for. Really. It’s making learning sooo accessible.

Yes. I’m incredibly sad that for the first time ever Adam Hills is at the Edinburgh Fringe and I didn’t get to see his show.In fact this whole working in a cafe thing has greatly decreased my usual August staycation zoo visiting and Edinburgh Fringe show marauding.

No. I’m not sure when writing will get back to normal. Hopefully in September when the Edinburgh Fringe is over and I’m back to a normal schedule and have too much time on my hands again!


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