Keeping hydrated while reducing your plastics




We are supposed to drink 2-3 litres of liquid a day. Water is a cheap way of doing that, keeps the dentists happy (none of those sugars in it) and I’d say that drinking water over fizzy drinks, caffeinated drinks is going to improve your skin, your energy levels etc – assuming that you are eating healthily too!

As I mentioned in my last ‘eco-koala’ post, I’m trying to get rid of my evian addiction. I loooovvee Evian mineral water, and somewhere there is a picture of me joyfully holding a bottle of Evian in Copenhagen airport after over a week of separation from the stuff while doing work experience as a Dance Teacher in Sweden.

There are few reasons I want to cut down on my bottled water addiction. One: it’s not good that we are taking all the water out the ground, adding stuff to it and selling it. Not to mention all the air travel and plastic manufacturing involved. Two: I’m lucky enough to live in a country where clean fresh water is plentiful (thanks to all our mountains and rainy climate). Three: As mentioned in reason 1…I want to reduce my plastic waste.

The only issue is that I seem to have some kind of crazy tastebuds that can totally tell the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi, Sainsbury’s Orange Juice to Innocent Orange Juice and between Volvic and Evian. I can’t stand the taste of Volvic, and I don’t like the taste of Edinburgh tap water (or as I affectionately call it: council juice).

But I need to drink more water…so I’ve found a solution. Last term when many of the Senior Section girls were on exam leave we had a pamper night. I brought lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and dip as snacks while the girls did face masks and manicures on themselves. I also filled up two jugs with water and put slices of lemon and cucumber in it. I actually got the idea from an episode of Brothers and Sisters – or more importantly Nora Walker who is raving about how it gets you to drink more water. I did drink more water!

For the last month I’ve been trying new things to add to the water. I think the raspberries with a slice of cucumber and lemon is my favourite. Today, I have strawberries that I bought as they are currently in season (and therefore about half the price they would normally be at other times of year). I may have to buy punnets of strawberries to freeze for winter – purely to put in my water!

And yes, I’m making use of the reusable water bottles I have. I find the camelbak flasks with straws the easiest to drink out of – I’ve been taking these to work where I often forget to drink and end up very dehydrated by the end of the day. I already owned two different camelbak flasks, but I know that it is better to get non-plastic reusable bottles (that plastic manufacturing thing again).

I also recommend keeping a jug of water in the fridge too.

Have you tried anything to help you drink more tap water?


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